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Crystal White Smile Therefore, having noticed the appearance of areas of enamel with changed color, it is necessary to make an appointment with your dentist. Quite often, the characteristic bright white spots on the teeth of a child appear due to enamel hypoplasia. This is a congenital defect that forms as a result of: Toxicosis. Viral diseases. Chronic diseases of the digestive tract. Transferred by a woman during gestation. Such spots appear on baby teeth, and usually disappear after they are replaced by permanent ones. But hypoplasia can re-let know about itself and in adulthood, so it will be rational to get rid of it in childhood. White spots on teeth in adults can be a kind of marker for the development of fluorosis, a disease that occurs when an excessive concentration of fluoride (which is a serious poison) in the body. This is a consequence of improper oral care, or improper diet. This problem is eliminated by reducing the amount of micronutrient used. But usually the cause of the formation of white areas of enamel is a disease such as caries, which most people associate with black, not white spots. And all because at the early stage on the affected demineralized area, the characteristic luster is lost and a dull chalky spot appears, which will soon darken without any medical treatment. It is possible to recognize such foci of caries, which usually appear in the cervical part of the molar, by increasing the sensitivity in these zones. Treatment and prevention of white spots on teeth Treatment and prevention of white spots Due to the fact that chalky whitish spots appear behind the tooth enamel for a variety of reasons, it is necessary to begin treatment with an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, when such a defect is found, you need to make an appointment with a dentist who will identify the cause of the appearance of stains and prescribe the correct treatment. If it’s all a matter of hypoplasia, then the dentist usually prescribes a special diet for the child, which includes products with a high calcium concentration, and covers the enamel with special protective preparations.

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